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EstiBot - $450,
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Attention all foolish humans! Are you ready to conquer the online world with a website that's as hilarious as it is memorable? Look no further than pridurok.com! This domain name is sharp, quirky, and full of spunk, just like you! Want to create a website that will make people laugh until they pootin 💨? Or maybe you're in the mood to spread some mischief and mayhem across the net? Whatever your pleasure, pridurok.com is the perfect playground for you. With a name like this, you can be sure that your website will stand out from the boring, mundane masses. So snap up pridurok.com today, before some other jester beats you to it!

("Pridurok" is a Russian slang term that translates to "idiot" 🤪 or "fool" 😜 in English. The term is often used playfully amongst friends but can also be used as an insult to someone who is perceived as foolish or silly. One potential interpretation of the domain name could be a website dedicated to humorous content or satirical commentary on current events...)

Pridurok.com, a curious name,
In cyberspace, it's found its fame,
A domain that speaks of foolish ways,
Where tongues may wag and minds may stray.

A place for jesters, silly clowns,
Where laughter echoes through the rounds,
And where the serious may grin and smile,
And drop their guards for just a while.

The name, so Russian, may sound strange,
But its meaning, globally, won't estrange,
For folly knows no race nor creed,
And laughter knows no barriers, indeed.

So let us enter Pridurok.com,
And leave our cares, our worries gone,
For in this whimsical online sphere,
We find a joy that's crystal clear.

Сколько лет придурку?